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Scientific evidence for mindfulness benefits

Researchers from all around the globe have proven mindfulness effectiveness in increasing psychological wellbeing, after implementing programs in a variety of different contexts such as healthcare, corporate environments and education.

  • Effectiveness in health settings:

Dr. Hofmann and colleagues at the Boston University (USA) have published in 2010 the effect of mindfulness in 1140 patients with cancer, general anxiety disorders or depression, among other illnesses. They concluded that the mindfulness training did reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. Likewise, scientists at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia (USA), during the same year, stated that mindfulness was able to reduce pain intensity and to increase quality of life and psychological well-being in a group of 133 patients suffering from chronic pain.

  • Effectiveness in work settings:

Mindfulness practice has proven to be effective for stress reduction in workers, according to the systematic review made by a research team from the Psychiatry Institute at the University of Bologna (Italy). They studied all the published literature on this topic between 1979 and 2008.

  • Effectiveness in education settings:

Well-known researchers in Taiwan in 2009 confirmed the remarkable improvement in psychological wellbeing achieved by 242 youth, aged 19-20 years old, thanks to mindfulness practice.
Thus, solid scientific evidence exists showing the benefits that mindfulness provides to people who decide to practice it.

  • Mindfulnets helps you to develop and deepen the faculty of mindfulness and to experience the benefits of mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is effective for stressed workers and patients suffering from cancer, anxiety, depression or chronic pain, among others. It also helps people to improve their psycho-emotional well-being and feel more satisfied and happier.


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